Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We Love Final Cut Pro!

Offline: rough cut; lower resolution; not broadcast quality
Online: editing final product for air (what news is)
EDL: editing decision list (your timeline); every editing decision you made (by timecode)

Time code: assigns eight-digit number to each and every frame (video runs at 30 frames per second)
Linear systems: work like a typewriter; like dubbing one tape to another
Nonlinear systems: like Microsoft Word; digitize footage into computer and can select and rearrange footage without winding through shots
-what Final Cut Pro is

Control track: pulse count that keeps videotape running at 30 fps; running time of what's playing; not constant
Breaking time code: rewind tape during shot
-If it happens, shoot for three to five seconds longer than you need
Digitizing: has to be done; turns everything into electrons…into zeros and ones (makes it digital)
Safe text: will show on screen; inside green lines
Window dub: dub of source or raw footage with time code numbers burned over or stamped over lower third of picture


L=fast forward

N=toggles snap tool on/off

a (arrow)=turns off tools
P (pen)=set audio pen marks
Apple + s=save

apple + z=undo
Apple + 8=log & capture
Control + c=batch capture
Home=go to start

end=go to end
Control + m=print to video

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